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Russell Brand and Charlie Sheen are two of the most well known actors in the movie and television scene. Russell Brand is most popular for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the film, Pirates of the Caribbean. Charlie Sheen, on the other hand, acted in the television series, two and a half men before he was dismissed due to his alcohol and drug problems.  In reality, both the actors are friends. Just recently, Russell has been said to invite Charlie to join him in yoga classes.

To some, this came as quite a surprise as they were concern that Charlie might lead Russell in the wrong direction. “Russell has invited Charlie to join him at his yoga classes but everyone is worried Charlie might lead Russell astray,” a source said. Nonetheless, Russell still intends to carry on as planned. Perhaps this is because Russell actually believes that yoga can help Charlie to turn his life around.

There are many celebrities and athletes that participate in yoga. Russell is only one of them. The truth is that these celebrities and athletes go through a stressful life. They have to always be on their toes every single day, especially when the media is around. Therefore, these individuals do need something that has the ability to help them to relax and reduce their stress levels. This is why yoga is perfect for Russell and celebrities alike. By practicing yoga regularly, he will be able to free his mind from all the troubles as well as learn how to cope well in a stressful environment. This is something that Russell believes could potentially help Charlie to deal with stress and free him from alcohol and other drug usage.

Charlie Sheen is a great television actor, but his unpredictable behaviour at many instances have led to his downfall. It can be seen that he isn’t capable of handling the stress. However, for his remedy, he turned to alcohol and drugs to help him forget. Instead of helping him, it has harmed him instead. His large consumption of alcohol and drugs had caused his stress levels to increase even further, resulting in his notorious behaviour. If Russell is able to get him to attend yoga classes on a regular basis, things could change for the better and he would not need to spend money and time visiting the rehabilitation centre anymore.

The stress that these celebrities face daily are far worse than what we think. They may appear normal on screen, but they go through in their daily lives might even be worse than us. If yoga has the capacity to reduce their stress levels, then it can definitely work the same for us too. At OMG Yoga, we believe that even beginners will be able to benefit from the practice. If you are new to yoga and would like to give it a try, why not try Hatha Yoga? It is one of the most commonly practiced form of yoga around the world!

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