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As most of us are already aware, yoga is a good workout for just about everyone. This is regardless of gender, age, fitness level as well as health conditions. As long as one is willing to give yoga a try, there will definitely bound to be benefits for him or her. This post will show some reasons why yoga is beneficial towards gym-goers and how it can complement your gym workout.

Firstly, yoga is effective in active recovery. Hence, on your off days, you can still continue to recover even through this low impact practice. One would easily feel better after walking out of a yoga class.

Secondly, yoga brings about kinesthetic awareness. The practice of yoga gets you to listen to your body. Basically, it taps into your trunk, your feet, your legs and other areas in order to enter and maintain postures without any visual aid. As yoga brings about such an internal focus, it can encourage you to practice more intuition during your gym workouts.

Thirdly, aside from stability, yoga also provides the balance in one’s training. Gym workouts tend to be more aggressive and weighted. On the other hand, yoga is more intrinsic and uses the body as leverage. This helps to create a balance between both the activities, some sort like a yin and yang. This in turn, encourages balance within one’s life.

One of the more obvious and common benefit of yoga is that it improves mobility and flexibility. By making improvements in these two areas, you will be able to increase your movement efficiency. This will in effect, benefit your workouts exponentially.

As yoga revolves around breathing, you will learn to have more control over your breathing. This will allow you to be more aware of your breathing during gym sessions. Apart from that, you will learn to breath through your diaphragm, which can help when you experience cramps/pains in the gym.

With yoga, one will have the freedom to be in a non-competitive environment. This can bring one back to accept your progressions and avoid comparing yourself to the person on the mat next to you. This is something amiss when we head to the gym as we will usually notice what others are doing and try to match them.

At OMG Yoga, we have a pool of certified instructors ready to assist you in your needs. We believe that through private yoga classes, one will be able to understand and cope better with the practice.

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