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When one officially comes out to work, it can be a stressful thing. However, during one’s education journey, stress would have already started to accumulate. For those in university, this is nothing unusual, especially when the examinations are approaching. It is quite common for students to feel and realise that their concentration levels aren’t as a high as they could or normally be. There can be quite a number of reasons for this, but one of the most common one would be due to the lack of sleep.



The obvious solution will be to ensure that you have ample sleep and sufficient rest. Aside from that, yoga is a great remedy for overall health and well-being. The benefits apply to both your mind and body. It revolves around healing, stimulating and restorative. The poses in yoga are derive from a sound knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. In fact, every pose is designed with a certain goal in mind. As the exam pressure increases, you will need something to aid you to relax, discipline your mind and  get a good night’s sleep. Here are some reasons for taking up yoga.

Firstly, yoga is probably one of the best exercises for flexibility as all of your muscle groups are being stretched. Secondly, yoga improves body strength and reverses muscle loss. By holding the poses for longer intervals, it will also build up body endurance and stamina. Thirdly, yoga assists in building one’s immune system by increasing blood flow to the brain and the extremities. At the same time, yoga stimulates the glands and detoxifies internal organs such as your liver and kidneys. To be more precise, it works on the endocrine system, regulating metabolism and improving the digestive and elimination process.

Yoga also strengthens bones and prevents conditions such as osteoporosis. Apart from that, yoga has the ability to improve one’s balance, posture and breathing habits. Another reason to take up yoga is that it tones the entire body, while also assisting in calming the mind, improving concentration, counteracting stress, relieving anxiety and depression as well as boosting memory. Obviously, yoga is a great form of relaxation, which can help to greatly reduce insomnia. Lastly, yoga is extremely effective in aiding individuals who may be addicted to drugs, food, alcohol, cigarettes and other unhealthy habits.

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