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It is not uncommon for one to suffer from mood swings during pregnancy. The cramps alone can be rather painful and depressing for some. Not to mention all the trouble one has to go through and face during those nine months. If you have yet to hear, yoga can aid in reducing depression. However, the main concern that most pregnant ladies have is whether it is suitable to practice yoga during this stage of their life. The answer is yes! In fact, there is a particular style of yoga known as Prenatal Yoga that caters specially to pregnant ladies. A study has even show that this style of yoga helps in reducing depression in new mothers to be.

The University of Michigan conducted a 10-week long study on pregnant ladies who were identified as psychiatrically high risk. They participated in mindfulness yoga and the result proved positive. According to a University of Michigan Health System pilot feasibility study, there were significant reductions in depressive symptoms. Apart from that, these mothers to be felt a stronger attachment to their babies in their womb.

“We hear about pregnant women trying yoga to reduce stress but there’s no data on how effective this method is. Our work provides promising first evidence that mindfulness yoga may be an effective alternative to pharmaceutical treatment for pregnant women showing signs of depression. This promotes both mother and baby well being,” explained Maria Muzik, the lead author, assistant professor of psychiatry and assistant research scientist at the Center for Human Growth and Development.

Mental health disorders such as depression during pregnancy can become a serious health concern if left untreated. The worst part of it all is not only the mother will be affected, even the baby will face health risks. These risks include poor weight gain, preeclampsia, premature labor and difficulty in bonding with the new born. “Unfortunately, few women suffering from perinatal health disorders receive treatment, exposing them and their child to the negative impact of psychiatric illness during one of the most vulnerable times. That’s why developing feasible alternatives for treatment is critical. Research on the impact of mindfulness yoga on pregnant women is limited but encouraging. This study builds the foundation for further research on how yoga may lead to an empowered and positive feeling toward pregnancy” Maria said. For the full article, do check it out here.

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