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Holidays and Christmas are fast approaching as this year is about to come to an end. Sometimes the holidays can be a stressful period of the year, especially when there is so much planning involved and things that need to be carried out. Quite a handful of people battle stress by reaching for food. That shouldn’t be the case. Instead of doing that, try something healthier such as incorporating yoga into your lifestyle regularly. Yoga can aid in reducing stress and battling depression.

Below is a list of three yoga poses that can help to overcome the holiday blues. Try to practice them on a daily basis if possible, if not on an as needed basis. By just spending some time on these poses, you can reduce the tension in you, allowing you to get you back in to a cheerful holiday spirit.


The first pose that can assist in taking you on a mental vacation from the mayhem is the child pose. Start by kneeling down onto your hands and knees. Then, reach your hips back over your heels and rest your forehead on the mat. After which, shut your eyes and remain in this pose for up to ten long, slow, deep breaths. This will instantly induce a state of calm and assist to get you centered and prepared for any challenges that you may come across. Once you are ready to exit the pose, do so slowly. By coming up too fast, it could potentially reverse the benefits of the pose and agitate your state of mind instead.


There are many people who aren’t aware that balancing poses are a great way to clear your mind when times are rough. The key to calming your thoughts is to fix your gaze upon one spot and keep your breath steady. If you just so happen to wobble or fall out of the pose, maintain the focus on your breath and gazing point. This pose requires you to start by standing on one foot. Then, place the opposite foot to the inside of the standing leg, either above or below your knee. After which, raise up both your arms in the air like branches of a tree. Try to remain and hold your position for up to 5 deep breaths.


The starfish pose provides one with a feeling of complete surrender and effortless bliss. It is very gratifying and at the same time, deeply relaxing. Start off by laying on your back and spreading out your arms and legs so as to look like a starfish. Then, learn to give in to gravity by completely releasing the weight of your body, as well as the contents of your mind. After which, shut your eyes for a few moments. You will then be able to notice how easily your worries fade.

These poses are all part of Hatha Yoga too. If you would like to learn more poses that can overcome stress and depression, check out OMG Yoga. We offer Yoga Classes in Singapore for all ages!

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