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The life of a policeman can be rather stressful if you come to think about it. They have to battle crimes and keep citizens safe on a daily basis. It is no wonder that Delhi’s policemen are a totally stressed out lot. As we all know, if one isn’t capable of dealing with stress, it can lead to more severe outcomes. This is why these policemen are looking to yoga as their way of relieving stress.

So far, there has been positive results from one of the police stations. This is why the Delhi Police intends to take them to more men in the capital. “Our men daily deal with crime, criminals and work for abnormal hours on occasion. All this is bound to lead to stress,” stated Deputy Commissioner of Police (Northwest Delhi) P. Karunakaran. In fact, it was his idea to come up with a yoga camp at the Jahangirpuri police station.

The camp lasted a total of three weeks with around 35 police personnel participated. Following the success it has, the exercise will now be spread further to 17 other police station in the district. “We got a very good response, and now similar yoga camps can be organised in other police stations across the city,” he said. At the present moment, Delhi has a total of 180 police stations.

“The classes were successful and satisfying. I am getting feedback from participants that they feel a change in themselves after attending the yoga classes. We could notice the slight changes in them due to yoga. They look more tension-free, relaxed and have more energy for work. We also noticed an improvement in their day-to-day health problems, including depression,” explained Assistant Sub-Inspector Pushpendra Kumar, who taught the class. Pushpendra himself has been practising yoga for the past five years and has previously taught other policemen too.

“Such classes also help in increasing the working capacity of the policemen,” added another senior police officer. The idea of using yoga first came about when it was found that policemen were feeling stressed due to overwork. Aside from that, there were also complaints of sleep-related problems, headaches and indigestion. “A policeman has to be on duty for more than 10 hours a day, specially those on the law and order duties or posted at a police station. Yoga is very helpful in relaxing and rejuvenating the person,” explained Constable Satender Singh, who attended the classes.

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