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The life of a policeman can sometimes be extremely stressful and pressurising. Imagine having to deal with criminals on a daily basis, it is definitely not something for the faint hearted. In other words, they have to be mentally strong and be able to handle the pressure. A failure to do so could end up in them causing abuse or taking out their anger and stress on an innocent party.

The Police Academy in Dayton, Ohio realises this and are going an extra mile to ensure that their recruits are capable of dealing with the stress, the physical pain and the emotional pain that comes along with the job. Their decision to incorporate yoga into the recruits’ training is an innovative method that they believe will help them to cope with the stress. “It’s another thing for their tool belt. If you’re on the job for 25 years — or five years — your better have more in in your tool belt than your service weapon, Taser, pepper spray. … Traditionally we have done a poor job of preparing them for the human tragedy and suffering they will face,” explained Richard Biehl, the chief of the Central Patrol Operations District.

Based on studies over the past four decades, it shows that police officers have a higher rate of suicide, depression, injury and disability as compared to the general population. Furthermore, the life expectancy of officers after retirement is shorter. “It’s critical for police officers to have self-management tools. We don’t understand the health impacts of the environment we work in — the emotional, physical, psychological toll. It is only when we reach a crisis we realize we haven’t been coping,” stated Richard.

Richard believes that yoga can help to manage the stress that an officer might be facing. He also mentioned that researchers are currently studying yoga to become a therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. “It can be a tool for recovery, a way out. We want them to retire and have a good life without a tragic crisis,” he added. For the full story, you can read it over here.

This shows that yoga can be of aid to anyone, regardless of your lifestyle or career. There is definitely something that yoga can offer you to help enhance the way you live. If you are looking for Yoga in Singapore, please feel free to check what OMG Yoga has to offer.

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