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During this time of the year in India, it is the period of examinations and when most students feel the pressure. As many children are occupied with their studies and burning the midnight oil, it is no wonder that stress and anxiety can easily set in. Furthermore, pressure from their peers, teachers and parents will only contribute to these young minds’ getting more stress out.

According to yoga practitioners, this is exactly the period when yoga can be of great use. As there are more schools starting to realise the importance of yoga as a stress buster, many of them in city are beginning to facilitate the practice. “Yoga is a great means to bust stress and build confidence and improve concentration in students. Many students often have the tendency to procrastinate the studying process thinking that there’s still a lot of time ahead of the exams. But when examinations finally draw near, anxiety strikes,” explains Manoj, a yoga instructor in the city.

He also went on to explain the basic anatomy of stress that plays out in 90 per cent of students. According to him, stress is separated into two portions, internal and external. He added that external pressure is most of the time caused by people around us including peers, teachers and parents. As for internal stress, it revolves around a student doubting their own ability, especially after they are constantly being questioned by others.

There are quite a number of students who have one time or another been in a situation where their minds simply go blank after opening the question paper in the exam hall. Somehow during that short journey from our room to the exam hall, everything we have been preparing for over the couple of months seems to simply evaporate into thin air. This is also the effect anxiety causes. Aside from this scary situation, there are other changes that reflect in bodies and internal systems during stress as well. Some of them include increased heart rate, increased respiratory rate, acidity and stomach disorders, mood disorders as well as sleeplessness. “If students practice meditation and pranayama regularly, there is no question of stress. Students who practice this have found it very effective,” stated Shobha G Menon, another yoga teacher in the city. For more of the story, do read it here.

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