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There are many men out there who have a certain perception of yoga. Hence, when they are not always open to giving a try due to the misconceptions that they may have. Perhaps, instead of judging the practice based on what others say, one should experience it for himself to truly understand. Here’s a little guide to yoga for the men out there who are curious to learn more.



Firstly, one has to understand that yoga is not a cult. Although there will be some instructors who talk of prana or lead classes in brief chanting, those aren’t their main focus. Ultimately, it is still the techniques and matching your movements to your breathing that matters. “Focusing on the physical aspects of yoga is where you start. The rest is yours for the taking but entirely optional,” stated Baron Baptiste, a tough-love yoga instructor who specializes in boot camps for the uninitiated.

For attire wise, Baron recommends tighter fitting clothes so that the instructor can examine and adjust your pose. He also recommended everyone to get their own mat. This is because the studio mats have already been in contact with so many participants that there are bound to be germs. At the same time, the quality of one’s own yoga mat would tend to be much better with more cushion and stickiness.

The next important thing for you to know is that your yoga is only as good as your instructor. The recommended ones are those registered with the Yoga Alliance. These instructors have had 200 to 500-plus hours of training at an approved studio. Aside from this, you should also find an instructor whom you are able to enjoy his or her style of teaching.

For beginners heading to the studio for their first few classes, try taking the middle rows as you will be able to have a view of what both the class as well as the instructor is doing. Picking a spot next to the wall might also be good, especially for those who require support for balance. More importantly, if you find yourself needing to take a break, do go ahead with a timeout. Nobody is going to judge or say anything because ultimately, you know what is best for your own body. For more tips and a further guide, do check it out here.

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