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Laughter has always been known as one of the best form of medicine across the globe. As it has been so effective in its healing, a style of yoga known as laughter yoga incorporated it along with the breathing techniques. Since then, laughter yoga has come a long way, spreading over sixty different countries in more than 6000 over laughter clubs. Indonesia is also one of those countries. In fact, there is a laughter club located in Jakarta, the nation’s capital. However, so far there is only one instructor in the whole country who is certified to conduct lessons and that is Emmy Liana Dewi, a former Jakartan who created the club.

In 2008, some Yogyakarta residents took part in a spontaneous laughter yoga session at an overseas conference. After which, they were able to feel the benefits. “I felt fresh and happy. My jet lag and headache were gone” said Emmy. This spurred her to learn more about it. Eventually, she decided to head over to Bangalore, India to complete a course and become a certified laughter yoga instructor. “I made this decision because I wanted to share and care for other people, and make my life more meaningful at my age. I love learning and teaching what I’ve learned, and I really love sharing laughter yoga with people who need it” she said.

Many people are unaware that 10 minutes of laughter is equivalent to 30 minutes on a rowing machine. As the laughter is combined with the breathing techniques of yoga, more oxygen is supplied into the body, which lowers stress levels, reduces pain and brings out the joy in life. “When we laugh, our mind will laugh, too. In laughter yoga, we laugh without any reason, and we play like kids. We’re moving and playing with laughter. In doing so, we train our bodies to be happier, then our minds will follow” stated Emma.

Laughter yoga is one of the best way to combat stress as it has the ability to reduce stress physically, mentally and emotionally. This is why Emma believes that if Indonesia had more laughter clubs, many people’s health would improve. Furthermore, there wouldn’t be much cost required if at all needed. So far, Emma has classes with deaf youths, sexually abused women, cancer patients and survivors. All these classes have been pretty fulfilling thus far. However, Emma hopes that hospital will adopt laughter yoga to improve the health of their patient, just like in the United States. The full article can be read from here.

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