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Yoga has always been viewed as a workout that is being done in a peaceful environment. However, modern variations of the workout has seen it evolved continuously. The most recent variation of yoga is singing karaoke while practicing the movements and techniques. This would be an ideal concept for those who prefer to practice yoga in a more lively setting.


Currently, Karaoke Yoga is available in Los Angeles, United States. Jennifer Pastiloff is the instructor who came up with the idea and created it. She strongly believes that yoga would be more joyful if it is accompanied with singing. One thing that individuals should be aware of is that the group sings together as one and there isn’t any solo parts for any individual. This is done by having a television screen showing the lyrics of the song. Most of the songs that are sang in the class are big hits from artists such as Elton John, Adele, Michael Jackson and Journey. Jennifer tries her best to find inspirational and fitting songs for every lesson such as ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey.

Despite having a different approach to yoga, Jennifer has explained that Karaoke Yoga might not be suitable for strict yogis. She mentioned that the focus of Karaoke Yoga is on “having the workout of your life, singing, dancing, feeling silly”. For those who are strict in their yoga practice, this might come off the wrong way. Strict yogis will definitely prefer a workout that emphasises on relaxation, stress relief and benefits. Hence, Karaoke Yoga will probably not be align with their desired outcome.

Jennifer explained Karaoke Yoga in one word, ‘Joy’. “It is yoga without taking yourself too seriously. It is singing your heart out and laughing and dancing and balancing and sweating and letting go of all your fears. It is connecting and letting your inner light shine. It is NOT about alignment. It is NOT about being perfect. It is NOT about singing well. It is about being the most you. It is about being authentic. It is connecting some of the greatest pleasures I know of in life: dancing, singing, yoga, connecting and good old fashioned rock’n’roll,” stated Jennifer in a blog post. You can check out the full article here along with a video of what a usual class of Karaoke Yoga is like.

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