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Michelle Barnard has been an active individual since young. When she was merely three years of age, she was already engaged in ballet as she plied, tapped and waltzed her way through her childhood. At 22, she started teaching dance classes and that was when she realised that she wasn’t as agile as what she had previously thought. That was when she decided to take up an aerobics class in order to improve on her flexibility and burn a few extra calories.



Two years later, she became a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor in America. During her prime period, she taught 20 classes per week, which included yoga, kickboxing, Pilates, weight training and water aerobics. It was only in 2009 when she decided to open her own mobile fitness company. The key selling point of it was that they travel to their clients. Out of all the training that she offers, her favourite is still yoga. “Yoga is close to my heart. It has helped a lot of people, especially in becoming more spiritual. I’ve seen a lot of people grow from experiences they’ve had through yoga,” she stated.

Michelle is one individual who believes in all facets of fitness. Regardless, she has indicated the importance of not just maintaining cardiovascular health and strength, but spirituality as well. By uniting all of these three elements, only then will one be able to successfully achieve a fit figure. “Staying fit keeps me sane. We all have to deal with paying the rent and problems at work. Practicing yoga keeps me grounded and gets me through what I’m going through. It puts me in a better mood,” she explained.

Michelle hopes that she can relate better with others through her own story. She wants to do her best so that she will be able to inspire others to give yoga a try. “Yoga keeps growing with you. You can practice it until your last days,” she added. If you would like to read more on the story, you can do so here.

OMG Yoga only refer certified instructors from the Yoga Alliance to take up our assignments. We strongly believe that every Singaporean should be given an opportunity to try yoga out for themselves. Only then, will they be able to discover the benefits that the workout has to offer. Perhaps in future, after trying out Hatha Yoga, you will be able to give your own testament.

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