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Frank Lampard is probably one of the most well-known football player in England. Just over the weekends, he broke the record of Bobby Tambling and became Chelsea’s all-time leading goalscorer. This blues star has high hopes of completing a full collection of trophies by winning the Europa League against Benfica this coming week. Perhaps something not many people are aware of is that Frank has turned to yoga in an attempt to carry on his career like that of Ryan Giggs.

“I’d love to do this for a few more years. I’m nearly 35, but as long as I can, and I’m feeling fit, I’d love to emulate boys like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. I looked at Giggs when we played United last Sunday. He was as fit as a fiddle and had an aura around him. He is the benchmark really. I’m doing a little bit of yoga. I had to fight myself to do it because I like training outside and it’s a different mindset. But, certainly when I do it, I feel the benefits. I’ll try to keep it in my schedule. I remember my ears pricking up when I first heard Giggs was doing yoga, and it was probably because of him that I first gave it a go. We have a great guy at the club, who’s available all the time. I first used him when I was injured a couple of years ago and I felt the benefits then, so I try and use him when I can now. I haven’t got the DVDs or the yoga mat at home, though. I’ll leave that for the missus,” said the 34-year-old midfielder, who is keen in following in the footsteps of the 39-year-old Manchester United star. For the rest of the story as well as more information on his career, you can read it here.

Many male individuals who do not give yoga a try tend to have a common misconception that it is only suitable for the ladies. At the same time, they always feel that it is a workout that is catered more towards the laid back kind of people. However, yoga has proven time and time again that it is a useful and rejuvenating workout for even the most professional athletes. Ryan Giggs and Frank Lampard are two such examples.

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