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If you didn’t realise yet, there are actually many different types of yoga classes available. This is the reason why some individuals have a difficult time deciding on which one to go for. In fact, many people have the misconception that all yoga styles make use of the same or very identical postures and techniques. This is definitely not the case as each style of yoga has its own unique attributes.

Yoga classes can be an exercise, a spiritual journey, a rehabilitative experience or a combination of all. It actually depends on a few factors such as the type of class, the instructor and the student. Generally, yoga involves postures known as asanas, along with breathing techniques and meditation. There are actually six original branches of yoga, with each of them providing a unique approach. The six branches include hatha, the physical practice; karma, the practice of service or action; bhakti, the practice of devotion; jnana, a scholarly practice; tantra, a ritualistic approach; and raja, the royal path or eight-limbed approach. Obviously, there are also the modern styles that are basically blends of the original six branches.

According to the American Yoga Association, yoga became prevalent in the United States only around the 1960s, even though the techniques have already been around for years before. In recent years, it has become even more popular, with above $10 billion spent annually on classes and product based on a 2012 study conducted by Harris Interactive Service Bureau. The study also revealed that 20.4 million Americans, or 8.7 percent of U.S. adults, practice yoga. This is quite a significant increase from a recorded 15.8 million practitioners back in a 2008 study. “Usually when people come to practice yoga, something is off-balance. They may have an injury, be experiencing grief or want to feel steadier on their feet. They may want to get be more limber or have less anxiety,” stated Angela Fie, a Phoenix yoga, meditation and corrective-exercise specialist.

For those who are new to yoga, it is recommended that they try an intro or basics class before moving further on to other types of class. It would be wise to visit several yoga studios and try the classes at each. This will help to determine the type of style that suits you best. Once you have figured out your preferred style, try a variety of instructors to help decide the teaching style you like best. For more tips on choosing the right style of yoga, do refer here.

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