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We have been taking your feedback as well as listening to your suggestions and the result is a new service being offered by OMG Yoga! Yes, you can now form a small yoga group or look for groups that are in the midst of formation. OMG Yoga will do our best to assist you via this matching service. However, please take note that there is no guarantee success and also no guarantee on when we will be able to slot in participants.

The process is relatively simple. First, pay a visit to our Find Yoga Mates page. From there, you will be able to see the individuals who are currently looking for others to form a group. You will be given two options. You can either join a group and start forming your own group. Either way, just fill up the form and we will take charge from there. For those forming a new group, we will do our best to publish your group details online as soon as we can. As for those joining a new group, we will update the number of participants and once it has reached the preferred group size, we will notify all the students in that group. Upon notification and agreement, we will proceed to make arrangements for an instructor to teach at the stated location (venue). Once we have an instructor available, we will revert to all the students in the group via SMS. After that, a confirmation email will be sent out to all the students. Students will be responsible for making the payment within 3 days (upon receiving the confirmation) via iBanking or ATM transfer to secure the slot. We will inform each student individually once we have received their payment.

As this is a class with others whom you do not know, we would appreciate if each student can cooperate and make the payment promptly. If we are unable to receive the payment from all the participants in time, we will have no choice but to cancel the class.

Please also take note that a minimum of 4 classes have to be completed within a month’s frame. There will be no make-up class for just a single individual who is absent. If the entire group decides to postpone the class, a make-up class can be arranged subject to the instructor’s schedule. After a month’s frame, if there are any outstanding classes remaining, they can be forfeited.

OMG Yoga feels that this matching service is also a great tool to help students expand their social network with people of the same interest. For all you know, your neighbour on the next block might also be looking for a small yoga group to join. So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to find your yoga mates today!

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