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So what have most of you been up to this long Easter weekend? Perhaps you have been spending quality time with your family? Well, OMG Yoga would like to help you strengthen the bonds in your family. How exactly can we help you? Well, we have come up with a family yoga class specially designed and targeted for the entire family! Yes, that’s right! This means that you can now get your kids to practice yoga together as an entire family!



The idea of our family yoga class first came about after we received numerous enquiries with regards to children joining in the yoga class with their parents. We have officially made it possible now! The truth is that when we are younger, we tend to be more flexible. As we continue to mature, not all of us are able to maintain that flexibility we once had when we were younger. So why not start from young? This provides your children an opportunity to have a healthy lifestyle and follow through. They might not always see obvious benefits when they are still young. However, when they grow older, they will definitely realise how much yoga has helped in retaining their youthful bodies.

Aside from getting your children started on a healthy lifestyle, the practice of yoga will naturally provide your family with a common ground. There will always be an activity that the entire family can partake in. This helps in building unity and strengthening the family bonds overtime. By making yoga a lifestyle for your family, each of you will be able to learn more about each other’s personalities as well as help each other to improve. Even on days when the instructor is not there to guide you, you will still be able to rely on one another to ensure consistent practice.

Not many families realise what yoga can offer and do for the entire family. The disappointing part is that they are not always willing to give it a go to realise the effects yoga has to provide. OMG Yoga will like to advice all families interested to at least give yoga a try before coming to such a conclusion. Yes, there are times when one may not always be able to see the instant results, but it’s a long-term investment that will surely reap benefits in one way or another.

Before committing, you can find out more about our family yoga class and the affordable rates. If you would like to give it a go, fill up and submit the online registration form. Our coordinators will get back to you.

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