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Yoga is one of the best exercise to assist you in relieving tension and helping you to relax. However, if the postures and poses are performed incorrectly, it can lead to serious injuries. In that case, how does someone ensures that he or she does the moves correctly to prevent all these injuries from occurring?

Electricfoxy has come up with the Move suit. This suit is fitted with four bend and stretch sensors, which has the ability to detect your movement and determine the exact position that your body is being pushed into. If the yoga posture or pose is done incorrectly or if something potentially dangerous has been detected, the Move suit will send you a signal via small haptic feedback devices that are being used to target the problem area. This ensures that you are able to take note of your mistake directly on the spot. Furthermore, you will be able to calibrate the suit with your smartphone or tablet after the workout to obtain even more detailed reports on your yoga session. In addition, you will get to see diagrams on the way that you had positioned yourself.


Despite the advantages that the Move suit has to offer, yoga experts have their doubts about it. They felt that the suit could cause individuals to push themselves beyond their limits in order to attain the “ideal” position. Some of these individuals might not yet be ready to handle the position and their bodies might not be capable of dealing with it too. This might end up causing injuries instead of preventing them. For the full article, you can read it from here.


The truth is that without assistance from a yoga instructor, you could be in danger of hurting yourself should you choose to practice yoga on your own. When a qualified yoga instructor is with you, you will be able to follow him or her step by step. This allows you to get the technique right and precise. Furthermore, if you were to make a mistake, the instructor will be able to point it out and correct you on the spot. Even if you are unsure of the posture or pose, the instructor is there to enlighten you. This guarantees that you will learn the proper techniques and prevent yourself from getting injured. However, it is crucial that you only take yoga classes from a certified yoga instructor. This is something that OMG Yoga is very particular in as well. We only provide instructors who are certified by the Yoga Alliance. To check out on the various types of classes that we offer, do visit our website.

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