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When one practices yoga, mistakes can occur even without one realising it. If nobody corrects your mistakes, then it would only counter the benefits of yoga. At the same time, it can be pretty dangerous towards you. Furthermore, these mistakes can turn into bad habits and can be difficult to change after a long period of time. Hence, in order to have a healthier, safer and more pleasant practice, one should do their best to avoid the following mistakes.



One of the most common mistake that many individuals make is that they tend to focus too much on attaining the perfect pose. However, they do not understand that even if you are unable to get into the perfect pose, the steps that you have taken to get to where you are is still worth it. There is really no such thing as a perfect pose for everyone across the board. It truly depends on each individual to find a perfect pose for themselves. If you have any challenges, you can always get your instructor to modify the pose for you.

Another common mistake is forgetting to breathe. Breathing ensures that you have a safe workout throughout. In fact, your breath reacts to your movements. If you are straining yourself during breathing, then you are probably pushing yourself way above your limits. As long as you can maintain the poses with your natural breathing pace, you are probably on the right track.

The next mistake that many individuals make is that they tend to push themselves too much and too fast. It is natural to push yourself as one normally feels the need to progress further. The way to go about this is to actually determine a boundary first. Once you have that in place, gently lean towards it, but do not push it.

One of the worst mistake one can make is by skipping the warm up sessions. This is a crucial part of exercise as it gets your body in the zone before allowing it to accept any other workouts. Aside from that, it brings heat to your body through increased circulation.

Lastly, just as how important the warm up is, the cool down is just as significant. Here, you take the opportunity to balance out what you have done. In other words, it brings your body back to normal after a workout. For more in-depth details, you can refer here.

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