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Did you know that colour has the ability to affect our mood or state of mind? Well, if you already knew, then good for you! If you didn’t, then guess what? You have already learnt something new today! Joschi Schwarz, the owner of Le Male Yoga in New York City, uses his knowledge of colours to his advantage by incorporating it in his yoga practice to help students.

Apart from influencing our mood or state of mind, colours also affect our overall well-being and the flow of energy in our body. In fact, each colour has its own frequency and vibration. In other words, different colours will affect different parts of the body. Hence, Joschi uses a combination of different colours during his yoga classes. This is possible through a custom-programmed color-changing LED system. By having a variety of colours throughout the class, each pose will bring about a different mood. At the same time, the entire studio will be washed in a particular color, so that a desired effect will be achievable. This effect will be based on what the class wants.

For example, red is use to bring about excitement and to connect with the physical self. Yellow is a representation of joy and happiness. It also allows students to connect to their mental self. Orange, a combination of red and yellow, creates a warm feeling, so that students can connect with their emotional self. The refreshing and cool shades of green contributes to growth and harmony. It allows them to connect to unconditional love, while opening the heart chakra.

In Joschi’s Power Flow Yoga, blue is use for its depth and stability. This symbolises trust and wisdom, allowing students to connect in a more holistic way. As for indigo, it enhances one’s awareness and foresight. Thus, students will be able to connect to their unconscious self. In yoga, connecting to the spiritual self is one of the toughest challenge. As purple is a combination of blue and red, it embodies power, luxury and ambition. Therefore, it fits best for the role. The full article can be read here.

After reading this, you’ll know that it would be a wise choice for you to have your future yoga sessions in places where there are pleasant colours. It can truly make a difference in the outcome of your practice. Looking for a certified yoga instructor, but have no idea where to find one? Check out OMG Yoga today! We believe in only providing you with quality instructors. Please feel free to check out our website for more information.

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