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January is usually the month of detox to wash away all the excess over the festive holiday period in December. At the same time, it is also the time when people set resolutions to be healthier and do their best to live up to it. With a stead increase in popularity since the 1990s, yoga is fast becoming one of the latest trend for health cautions individuals around the world.

Perhaps one of the reasons why yoga has blossom over the years is because of the variations of styles available. The yoga classes being offered nowadays can range from the more traditional yoga styles to others that cater towards a more fitness-orientated group. Then, there are all the different types of yoga poses to perform. Each of these has the ability to target different muscle groups of the body and are beneficial in diverse ways. The posture that seems to work best with detoxing is known as the spinal twist, which is performed in poses such as Ardha Matsyendrasana or the Half Lord Fish Pose.

The twisting involved in the Ardha Matsyendrasana has the ability to strengthen and release a host of muscles from your rhomboids to your hamstrings, with a lot in between including both internal and external obliques and spinal extensors. However, there are quite a number of people who have this misconception that it is directly influencing the cellular or biochemical workings of the liver, which are the primary mechanisms of “detoxification”.

So what can yoga actually do for one’s body? Firstly, it can get your cardiovascular system working. Secondly, it can aid in improving one’s blood flow, which impacts the other organ systems of the body. However, can yoga actually help to detox and cleanse the liver? There has yet to be any research or studies that prove or show any concrete evidence. Hence, we cannot draw a conclusion to this question yet.

However, what we can offer you instead are some other useful detox advice. Firstly, one can limit their intake of high fatty foods, excess calories, alcohol etc to maintain a much healthier liver. Secondly, exercise is strongly recommended. For the full story, you can refer to it here.

OMG Yoga would like to inform everyone that although there are countless benefits to yoga that have already been proven, there are still many others that have yet to be proven by studies or research. Regardless, attending a proper yoga class can still assist you in reaping multiple benefits.

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