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There are quite a number of exercise choices for pregnant ladies to choose from during those nine months. One of the most ideal lifestyle choice is yoga. Even if you have no experience with yoga, it is still alright to take it up during one’s pregnancy period. Aside from flexibility, yoga can also help you to better understand your emotions, your body and what goes into it.



Yoga is considered to be a holistic approach to exercise as it takes a pretty well-rounded route to improve on one’s personal well-being. It is considered to be a lifestyle as it involves taking care of oneself, eating well, being fit and living a balanced life. For pregnant ladies, there are also certain added benefits. The breathing, meditation, relaxation and stretching goes quite a distance during pregnancy, while in labour as well as after the birth.

As yoga can be customised to a more gentle pace, it is definitely safe and easy to get into during pregnancy. In fact, it is a rather good way to stay fit and in shape by a mere 15 to 30 minutes practice on a daily basis. Also, the breathing techniques used in yoga will be of good aid in relaxing and managing pain, which is a plus during labour. The various yoga techniques can also assist in reducing stress and tension, which will ease back pain and improve blood circulation. Not to mention that yoga is good in improving one’s strength and flexibility. This will help to get one through pregnancy with minimal discomfort.

According to research, pregnant ladies who practice yoga have a lower tendency to develop high blood pressure or go into premature labour. Certain poses can also create more room in your pelvis for the baby. This will speed up labour as well as recovery after birth. For the psychological part, yoga enables you to calm your mind and refocus your energy. This is key in preparing one for birth. Furthermore, once one has been equipped with such techniques to deal with emotional worries and stress, she will feel a sense of relief and be able to control her emotions way better. This is pretty significant when it comes to giving birth. To find out more about the benefits of prenatal yoga, you can refer here.

At OMG Yoga Singapore, we offer private prenatal yoga classes. Through this, our instructors will be able to give full attention and tailor classes to each individual’s needs.

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