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Since her younger days, Lu Lu always had a constant battle with the pain and aches in her body. At 24 years old, she was diagnosed with slipped disc due to ‘degenerative’ origins. Of course, her condition did not improve with rest and physiotherapy wasn’t working either. The more she shun away from exercise, the weaker she became. In 2016, she started her Yoga journey and became a Yoga instructor.

Yoga practices has helped Lu Lu to improve her awareness, bring stability to her mind and strength to her body. She strongly believes that anyone with any physical limitations (age, health, physique) can do something to improve their health through practicing Yoga with some determination and perseverance. Lu Lu’s favourite category of yoga poses are the balancing asanas e.g. half-moon, tree, standing spilt etc. Such poses help to develop mental focus, stability, confidence, reduce stress and build core strength.

She is also certified in prenatal/postnatal yoga and sound healing. These relaxation techniques will help to instill calmness especially during pregnancy.

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