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Yoga has been a cornerstone of Laura’s self-healing since 2000. She has often been reminded of its importance and healing power when she neglected her practice, fallen apart and then reset herself back on my mat. Like most westerners, Laura started yoga as a form of physical exercise, to feel good in her body. Very soon, she realised the phenomenal impact that the full Yogic practice of postures, breathing, meditation, and lifestyle have on her mind, her body, her emotions and even her relationships.

Through her personal journey as a student and as a teacher, Laura is always excited to continue learning and to share her discoveries with those who are wanting to take steps to heal. As a Certified Vinyasa Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, she will coach students in understanding how to use movement, mindfulness, and meditation in their life. She takes them through her personal experience as well as the evidence based on neuroscience, of the benefits of mindfulness meditation and Yoga.

Laura’s constant search for the unknown has led her to understand that everyone is on a journey of self-discovery, in their own way. That by having the support of others who have been through similar experiences, they can realise that they are not alone, but they can also find the strength within themselves to heal.

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