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Bernice stumbled upon yoga in 2009 out of curiosity and soon it became her daily routine. After years of dedicated personal practice, she attended her first Teacher Training in 2017. Teaching wasn’t meant to be the intention of her RYT in the beginning. However, it was already meant to be her path in a certain way.

Some unfortunate events happened right after completion of her RYT, which led Bernice devastated with herself. She seek help and inspiration from her inner self and coach. Then, she tried getting out of her comfort zone by making major changes including teaching. She is very grateful to receive many continuous opportunities to kick off her teaching career, which totally transformed the state of her mind and how she perceived herself. Bernice soon found a happier version of herself by sharing her knowledge and helping others to find inner peace and self-transformation – mentally and physically.

She believes yoga is a lifelong learning path. Regardless personal life or in-class, she always speaks from her heart to inspire others to strive for a mindful lifestyle and spread the idea of being spiritual by practicing compassion to each other in one’s daily life. It’s Bernice passion to create an uplifting, humble, non-judgment and supportive environment to let students explore their body and consciousness and feel encouraged.

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