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Long flights, narrow walkways and cramped seats. It is no wonder travellers walk away from body aches, stiff hips and strained backs when they arrive at their destination. That is definitely not the most ideal way of starting a holiday. If one decides to go for a seat with extra legroom, they would have to fork out more money, much to the delight of the airlines. So instead of letting them earn more money, why not try an alternative method with yoga. Yes, we are talking about during yoga during your flight.



Cyndi Lee, the founder of the “no baloney” Om Yoga brand and familiar to veteran practitioners from her videos and New York City classes, is currently in her 50s and is probably one of the most flexible individual despite flying frequently. She shared her secret to some airplane-friendly poses that keep her feeling supple throughout the journey. The best part of it all is that these poses can either be done in one’s own seat or on the aisle. In fact, most of these poses can be performed even by beginners.

“A lot of what you’re doing with these stretches is just increasing the circulation,” stated Cyndi, who further explained that fluids “such as water and lymph can tend to pool in lower regions” on an airplane, making fliers “feel sluggish and thick.” In order to improve the circulation through your lower back on long flights, regular twisting is the key. This can be done by placing your feet on the floor and twist it to the right. Do not forget to include both your head as well as your neck in the twisting motion. Once you are done with one side, then proceed on to the next. If you have sufficient room and flexibility from your seat, you can also try the ankle-to-knee pose, which is simply placing your ankle on top of the opposite knee.

As for your upper back area, try the hug pose, either standing or sitting. All you have to do is to wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze. The main idea is to touch your shoulder blades with your fingertips. After that, stretch your neck by pressing your right ear against your right shoulder, then repeat on the other side. Once that is done, release and switch your arms. To learn more poses and methods, check it out here.

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