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Russell Brand has become a household name when it comes to comedy movies over the past few years. Before he got his life back together, he was in rehabilitation because of multiple drug abuse. He was going through an extremely rough time, but he managed to overcome the odds with the help of yoga. Since then, he has become an active participant in the workout and has introduced many of his friends to it too. Now, he is reportedly planning to open his own yoga studio in Los Angeles.

According to the Daily Mirror, Russell admires the way of Indian spirituality and is a regular at his yoga classes. Hence, now he has plans to take his passion forward. Tej Kau, his yoga instructor, will be assisting him in setting up the studio. “Russ has always wanted to set up his own yoga studio and has decided to make it his new project. His teacher at Goldenbridge Yoga is in charge of teacher training at the centre and has encouraged Russ to take the course. The pair have become good friends and Russell relies on Tej to bring calmness into his often crazy life,” reported a source.

Russell aims to help other victims of drugs. Considering that yoga has helped to change him as a person and his lifestyle, he believes that it can help others just as much too. “He has this idea of an all-giving studio where teachers work for their own fulfilment and those in need such as the homeless and addicts in need of finding their spiritual soul. Once he’s finished his course next Spring, he’ll set up his own studio in Los Angeles,” stated the source.

Initially, Russell wanted to spend three weeks in February doing an intensive course in Rishikesh, India. Unfortunately, his schedule did not allow him to. “He will do all his training in Los Angeles and will start with the KRI Kundalini training level 1 and will take his level 2 course later on next year. It would also include meditations, cooking classes, lectures and aromatherapy classes,” added the source. For the full story, you can check it out here.

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