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In Sanskrit, yoga refers to the union of the body, mind and soul. The focus is more towards having a feel of that union through the practice of yoga and meditation. Just like most things in life, you would have to strive, struggle and sweat in order to make your way there. Most of the time, yogis would emphasise the need for self-discipline and personal commitment. They believe that it is based upon effort, confidence and self-motivation, which most humans lack.

The truth is that having a strong yoga community can make a complete difference. Many individuals have this misconception that just because they exercise regularly by either heading to the gym, riding a bicycle or playing a sport, they do not need to incorporate yoga into their lifestyle. However, many would still experience an intangible feeling of joy and peace after just the first session. As for the next day, it is quite common to feel muscle aches. This aching feeling also means that by practicing yoga, you are able to exercise areas of your body that you do not focus on during your usual routine workouts. Yes, do not be surprised that you could have possibly missed out on certain parts of your body.

Having a yoga community filled with instructors and students who offer encouragement, smiles, laughter and help you in making a connection with your yoga mat does make a significant difference. With such aid, one would be able to have a much more solid and regular yoga practice. A lot of times, such communities are being underestimated upon. However, if you ever get a chance to meet such individuals, you will realise that you will be able to embark on the next leg of your yoga and spiritual journey.

At the end of the day, you have to remember that in order to achieve something worthwhile in life, you have to make an effort or a personal sacrifice. This goes the same to one’s practice in yoga. Nonetheless, with assistance from the right community, it can provide you with the much needed confidence and courage to continue striving. You can check out a yogi’s personal account of his yoga and spiritual journey over here.

At OMG Yoga Singapore, we structure our classes to be private and personalised, so that more interaction and engagement can take place. We strongly believe that by having such a connection, you would be able to have a more fulfilling and fruitful yoga experience and journey.

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