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Jaysea Devoe is a yoga instructor who has one of the more challenging job of teaching fidgety preschoolers the ancient practice. However, according to her, once her students get going, “they really start to focus and listen”. Jaysea is able to relate to childhood and focus as she herself is just 12 years old. It was only recently that she became a certified yoga instructor after completing 200 hours of teacher training. As of now, she is believed to be the youngest certified female yoga instructor in the United States.

Despite her age, she is already teaching students aged 4 to 6, teens as well as fellow tweens. At the moment, she is teaching in her California beach town of Encinitas and is about to begin family yoga classes. Aside from that, she has also informed her dad that she wants to look into making eco-friendly yoga mats. “I feel like I want to do this for a long time because I love teaching so much,” she stated.

Initially when Jaysea informed her parents that she wanted to teach yoga and it would required her to attend 200 hours of training, they were surprised. “She was just adamant about doing all the homework and never wanting to miss a class. We were just really thrilled and very honored that they allowed her to do it and that she pulled it off,” explained Rick, her father who manages bands and surfers.

Jaysea currently works at a donation-based yoga studio. After her first class, she discovered $136 in the donation box. Even though she may only be 12 years of age, she was trained to teach adults too. Hence, she is ready for parents in her new family class. At the same time, she is prepared to deal with some of the common injuries that can occur during the practice of yoga. “We have learned so many variations of all the poses to do if people do have injuries or to prevent injuries,” she added in a confident tone.

For Jaysea, school doesn’t start until 9:45 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. Hence, she has ample time in the morning for her practice. “I turn music on and I like flowing with the music, it is called sun salutation … that is probably one of my favorite parts,” she said. For the full story and more about Jaysea, you can check it out here.

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