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Terms and Conditions for Yoga Instructors

> Registration

To register as an instructor of OMG Yoga Singapore, you are required to be at least 21 years of age with at least a yoga certificate that is recognised by the Yoga Alliance. You will be required to attach/produce a copy of your qualifications. You will also need to be residing in Singapore in order to apply. OMG Yoga Singapore reserves the rights to reject any applicants.

> Assignments

Yoga assignments from our clients will be forward to you by text (SMS). By agreeing with our terms and conditions, you agree to allow us to send you assignments at any time. If you wish to accept the assignment, you can reply our text. However, do note that it will be based on a first come, first serve basis. Kindly ignore the message if you do not wish to take up the assignment.

Once you have accepted the assignment, you will be required to commit for at least 4 lessons and complete them within a month. You will not be allowed to cancel the assignment until you have completed all 4 lessons. A penalty fee will be imposed if you choose to cancel an assignment after confirmation. However, the client and OMG Yoga Singapore reserves the right to terminate the assignment at any time should we deem it as unfitting. We also strongly discourage any postponement or cancellation of lessons and assignments.

First impressions are significant as it symbolises your dedication to OMG Yoga Singapore and the client. Therefore, the first lesson of every assignment is essential and we strongly discourage any cancellations or changes. However, if you do require making changes for the first lesson, you are to liaise directly with the client and inform OMG Yoga Singapore immediately. You are required to give the client a call the day before the first lesson to re-confirm all the necessary details. You will need to bring along your NRIC and certificates on the first lesson as well.

> Commission

We will be collecting the first 4 lessons payment directly from the customer before commencement of the first lesson. Customers will make this payment either by Internet Banking or ATM Transfer. However, if OMG Yoga Singapore requires your assistance in collecting the payment, you will need to do so and make the transfer to us.

For private classes, 50% of the first 4 lessons’ payment will be treated as referral fee for us. Your portion of the 50% will be transferred to or collected by you only after you have completed the fourth lesson (usually within 3 business days). You can also start to collect subsequent payments in cash directly from the client upon completing the fourth lesson. We will not be held liable for any unforeseen or uninformed changes.

For group and corporate classes, you will be remunerated with a flat rate of $80 per hour (unless otherwise stated), regardless of the number of students. This will be transferred to you only after you have completed every four lessons.

> Foul Play

We are aware of cases where instructors attempt to offer clients a more affordable rate and force an early termination of the assignment to earn a better commission. Such acts will not be condoned and you will be held liable in compensating the losses of OMG Yoga Singapore. You will also be terminated from us with immediate effect.

> Conduct

Any feedback or complaints from clients on the instructor will be taken note of. You will be required to provide an explanation should we deem it to be necessary. Any instructors who receive many complaints will receive fewer assignments from us till we see improvements.

External Links

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Intellectual Rights

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OMG Yoga Singapore reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions without prior notice.