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Terence first started yoga in 2014 to take a much-needed breather from his hectic corporate job. In what was just a few studio sessions, he began experiencing powerful transformation of the mind and body; enhanced strength, focus and flexibility. The frequent muscle cramps and bad postures he once suffered were gradually gone too. Along the way, he met incredible teachers who later inspired him to deepen his practice and knowledge in a 200-hour Hatha/Ashtanga teacher training course.

Tapping on the holistic approach of yoga, students are guided safely in their practice through hands-on alignment and breathing cues to gain awareness of both the mental and physical body. Terence’s teaching style is composed, patient and sometimes, playful. He believes that once you place your focus on the mat, you own your practice and nothing else matters. Off the mat, he is a travel junkie who delights in capturing beautiful moments with a small range of camera gears.

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