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Stella’s yoga journey began in her college life, when she was dealing with stress and personal issues. Since then, her practice has been a form of emotional and physical therapy for her, which helped her find her inner peace and balance in life.

Upon graduation from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Economics, Stella went deeper into her practice focusing on alignments and breathing. Stella’s passion and love for yoga gave her courage to undergo her 200-hour training with Master Paalu Ramasamy and Master Satya Chong in Singapore. That was the start of her life as a yoga teacher to share her love for yoga and enhance the wellbeing of her students.

As a yoga teacher, Stella believes in establishing strong foundations in yoga through proper alignments and breathing techniques. Her teaching style also combines spiritual wisdom along with benefits (beauty, physical and therapeutic) of yoga. She hopes that everyone will leave her class with positive energy.

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