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Born in India, Shivanee did her first Hanumanasana at the age of 7 watching her uncle in practice whenever she used to visit them for summer holidays. She started her meditation journey in 2005 and got the glimpse of what happiness and bliss is like. After completing school in 2009, life happened and she went on to completing her degree and then MBA in Finance. Eventually, she landed a job with a private finance company, where happiness and bliss felt to be on other side of the spectrum.

Shivanee knew the tools to apply and regular practice of yoga made her realise how yoga can affect and improve all different areas of our body and life. She decided to stop climbing the corporate ladder and start sharing this ancient practice to achieve happiness. She believes in the healing power of yoga for our physical and mental health. Her classes will make you feel energetic, healed and relaxed at the same time.

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