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Seraphina’s experiences so far have shown her that life is fleeting, and one should live their own joy while revelling in their own unique; amazing journey.

She never really felt close to her body, indulging in one too many late nights, junk food binges and unnecessary worries. Slowly but surely, yoga was reintroduced to her, fostering a friendship and deep appreciation on her part about how the body takes care of her brief existence on earth.

After a year of practicing yoga, she felt inspired to make a career switch and travelled to India to attend Yoga Teacher Training in beautiful Rishikesh. It was an honour for her to learn from Dr Jitendra Das, whose discipline and passion for yoga is a wonderful influence on her own yoga journey. The course was rigorous, structured and meticulous; one which she can truly say was a life-changing experience.

It would be Seraphina’s pleasure to help others reconnect to their bodies as well, and rediscover the fun and freedom that comes from firmly being here and now! She looks forward to sharing what she knows and learning from others as well.

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