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Roxanne started Yoga with the intention of trying something she had never done before. Never did it come across to anyone that Yoga would have become a big part of her life. Upon graduating with a degree in Economics & Finance, Roxanne embarked on her journey to India in the hopes of becoming a Yoga instructor, hoping that she could share her experiences on the mat with others. Yoga has created a deeper understanding between her body and soul, from practising mindfulness, and tuning the mind inwards, on and off the mat.

‘It is a journey of self discovery, knowing what you really are capable of.’ Yoga has given Roxanne the confidence to start believing in herself, breaking boundaries and stepping out of her comfort zone.

In her classes, she focuses on using the breath as the key to creating mindfulness in one’s practice, connecting every movement with the body. Also focusing on modifications and alignment for safety and building a strong foundation. She is always looking forward to surprises on the mat!

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