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Renuga relationship with yoga started when she was facing a turbulent period in her life. She eventually found her path in yoga which liberated her from “a deep hole”.

Since then, she has been practicing various yoga styles under different teachers. She soon found the ultimate reason for self practice-uniting one’s body, mind, soul and breath. In search for a deeper connection to yoga, she completed her 500-hour Teacher Training with Don Peers and is deeply honored for the additional guidance from teachers: San, Ross Rayburn and Leslie Kaminoff who have shared their love and knowledge generously. Out of the mat, she gets a kick out of climbing trees and diving.

She finds it inspiring and rewarding to be on the other side of the mat, to watch students come alive, respecting their body, honoring their breath and enjoying their practice. She hopes she can lead individuals towards a deeper level of physical fitness and a stronger connection to their body and mind.

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