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Pik Wui was very passionate in aerial fitness sport, but had to stop in 2013 due to pregnancy. With the intention of preparing her body back into the aerial fitness sport, Pik Wui began her yoga journey in 2016 as a form of therapy to find strength and flexibility back into the muscles after continuous child birth for 3 years.

Pik Wui’s love for yoga deepened when she personally experienced the benefits yoga had brought to her body and mind. She decided to further her knowledge in yoga in 2018 where her practice evolved and unfolded further. Slowly, she saw and felt how yoga complemented very well with her aerial fitness sport. Pik Wui believes in teaching with an authentic comfortable approach, creating a nurturing and safe environment for students to improve their life, energy and vitality. She hopes to share her love for yoga to her kids one day,

She believes that yoga brings a unique and different beneficial experience to each individual. Yoga is not just about being flexible, there is so much more to that. Pik Wui’s class will assist students to bring more awareness and focus on getting and feeling the alignment of each Asana, thereby increasing the benefits in strengthening and releasing tension in each body.

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