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Nurul was never exposed to a healthy lifestyle when growing up. She did no form of physical activity and was not a fan of eating healthy. She started becoming conscious about her body and health at the age of 25 while living in Dubai.

Her first downward facing dog was memorable. She was immediately dizzy and nauseous! That pushed Nurul to ponder on how a simple pose can cause so much pain. Her joints felt loose and she could hardly hold any pose for longer than 3 breaths. In fact, it was victorious if she could hold for 5! Nurul felt weak at a young age of 25.

She didn’t give up. Nurul continued to practice and gradually increase her training frequency from once to twice a week and eventually it became a daily ritual. Her passion for yoga developed over the years. It was not long before she decided to leave the corporate world to pursue her passion for teaching yoga. Even as a teacher today, Nurul has learnt to accept her limitations as nobody is perfect.

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