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While working in the non-profit field overseeing an environmental education initiative and several projects involving Corporate Social Responsibility and NGO capacity building, Nizhen came to the realization that true sustainability comes from within our own personal development to embody the very change we want to create in the world.

She has a 500-hour certification registered under Yoga Alliance, although training and mentorship with Yogi Nomad took 1250 hours and was assessed by higher criterion under YTAA (Yoga Teacher Association of Australia). A still-evolving teacher, she has been a committed student for 10 years, and has an intuitive understanding of Yoga.

Her style pays heed to every individual journey. Through her teaching, she hopes to impart the essence of Yoga – not its attainment on the mat but rather, holding the space for people to cultivate an awareness that allows them to move past their perceived limits, to open the mind and body for transformation, and integrate into daily living.

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