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Nicole’s first yoga class was a tag-along with a colleague to a hot Hatha class. Since then, she has never looked back. Nicole finds that yoga brings out different sides of her personality and offers her the opportunity to hone the good ones (discipline, determination, mindfulness) and the less desirable ones (ego, impatience, selfishness). On the mat and along with the heat, Nicole finds the tenacity to focus on her breathe and inner thoughts, harnessing her with endurance and stability, which she brings outside of the mat to many other facets of her life.

5 years into her regular practice of yoga in the heated room, Nicole decided to bring her yoga journey to a more meaningful one. She completed her 200 hr Hot Yoga Teacher’s Training in January 2019 under the guidance of Copper Crow, and specialises in Hatha and Vinyasa. Nicole hopes to share and spread the goodness of yoga that she has experienced for herself through teaching. Beyond the Asanas, Nicole believes that everyone can learn something new about themselves through the practice of yoga.

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