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Lishan is a yoga teacher, fitness instructor and holistic healer who has been practicing since 2013. Her students range from kids to the elderly and she has taught in Bali, Philippines and Mongolia. She has found that yoga brought her profound inner transformation and emotional release with her healing from depression and eating disorders.

Her classes in the styles of Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin are intuitively customised to meet the needs of her students while exploring their physical and mental limits. Lishan’s classes aims to help students achieve agility, strength, balance, flexibility and deep relaxation.

She is also a high intensity interval training and strength and conditioning instructor for workouts in boot camps and on floating mats in water that improve one’s stability, functional strength and endurance. Calisthenics and cardio were her first love before she discovered the holistic science of a yogic lifestyle. Lishan’s¬†passion for health and wellness has her certified in hatha vinyasa, reiki, sound healing, reflexology, neurolinguistic programming and more.

Lishan personalises a combination of postures, focus, breath-work and mindfulness in her creative classes and workshops to bring a whole host of benefits in aligning mind, body and spirit while making sure students are always challenged with variety. She hopes that what her students learn on the mat will equip them with the mental fortitude and calm attitude that they can take through life’s ups and downs. Lishan loves sharing her knowledge to the community and has taught in several expeditions and retreats, hotels, corporate companies, orphanages, schools and elderly centres. She wishes that yoga, fitness and wellness will ignite an inner transformation that connects people to their whole selves and find their true purpose to maximise their full potential.

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