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Li Peng started her yoga practice in 2005 on a weekly basis. In 2008, she joined Pure Yoga as a member. Slowly but steadily, she turned her twice-weekly yoga practice into daily practices. She suffered from scoliosis since her late 20s, but with consistent yoga practice, she is able to maintain a relatively pain-free life.

Realising the benefits yoga brought to her physically, mentally, emotionally, she felt the urge to explore more. She enrolled in Vyasa Yoga’s Teachers Training and received her certificate in 2013. Since then, Li Peng took up part-time teaching on a small group basis to spread the good of yoga to more people.

Li Peng believes in bringing out the best possibilities in students by encouraging them to explore themselves step by step while respecting their bodies, thereby building up their confidence and giving them a solid foundation. She prefers to teach small groups of students to give them individual attention. She also modifies yoga sequencing and poses according to the needs of her students. She likes to create a friendly, caring and relaxed environment for students to feel at home and breathe. Li Peng hopes herself and her students can learn and grow together.

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