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Leaning forward, Karithyani could barely touch her knees, much less her feet. Her Teacher’s harsh training regime made her unenthusiastic at first, however he kept motivating and not to stop practice. He assured her that she will one day know why he had not asked her to stop. Eventually Karithyani noticed that she was growing stronger and persisted in her training. Her body started changing from nothing to a stronger, leaner body together with a healthy focused mind. That moved her towards a more spiritual and disciplined routine.

Karithyani has always wanted to practice yoga since 15 years old. However, due to sports commitment in school, she was not able to commit practicing. It only happened at the age of 28 and she has been practicing strictly without fail daily. Being a runner since school days, Karithyani has now switched to Yoga as she feels that Yoga has given her the potential for and intention to progress toward greater spiritual awakening.

Karithyani Yoga Philosophy is not only about inversions and balancing. It’s about the unity of the body, mind and soul.  She is able to provide clients and practitioners with the best yoga experience.

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