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Having discovered her passion for yoga, Karim decided to make a change in her life by taking her practice to a new level and becoming a teacher. She is totally convinced of the numerous benefits (physical, spiritual, mental) yoga has to offer and her goal is to motivate her students to discover them by themselves.

A native of Peru, Karim is a Registered Yoga Teacher with an extensive background in modern dance, ballet and Pilates for which she had trained for years with local masters. She started her yoga teacher journey in 2013, right after her first 200RYT by teaching an honorem classes in the communities she was part of and teaching private classes to friends and acquaintances for almost a year. Right after her second formal training, Karim started working in renowned studios, gyms and clubs in Houston, Texas where she resided for five years. She has also worked for the corporate sector and condominiums.

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