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Jasz believes that yoga is for everyone. Whether it is for physical, mental or spiritual development, yoga says it all. A simple asana (yoga posture) if done with proper awareness could reap benefits as good as a challenging one.

She observes that most people feel intimidated in a yoga class when they could not perform an asana; while others stay at a respectful distance from the practice thinking that flexibility is a requirement. Jasz would love to share the yoga practice with everyone, help people see the beauty and benefits of the practice, and invite all to explore this inner journey together.

A strong believer of lifelong learning, Jasz completed her 200 hours teacher’s training with Sri Ramananda Yoga Ashram in 2016 and started coaching private and group students. And just recently, she returned from Mysore, India, after a 100-hour intensive training in yoga asanas, pranayamas, yoga philosophy, chanting and meditation. Jasz is also a meditation teacher and facilitates healing workshops. She is a musician and studies the application of sound for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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