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Jasmine completed her RYT-200 Teacher Training Programme in Rishikesh Yog Peeth in India and her RYT-500 Teacher Training Programme in Tirisula in Singapore.

In 2008, Jasmine was introduced to Yoga when she was working in Vietnam. Like many others, Jasmine was having many doubts – Can yoga really bring health, peace, happiness, love, trust and self-confidence?

However as she continued the practice, the pain in her lower back, knee & ankles became much better. She used to have very bad sinus and the condition significantly improved too. Besides physical benefits, Jasmine also begin to experience the union of the breathe, body and mind.

After she benefited so much from yoga, Jasmine would like to share her experience about yoga with everyone.  She believes yoga has something for everyone both on the mat and off the mat. She would like to share with everyone how yoga is happening in every single moment of our lives.

Some of the companies that Jasmine has taught in, includes: Starhub, GNC, Taytonn, Maybank, Happe Holdings. She has also taught many private classes, including yoga for beginners or people with health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, scoliosis, obese, insomnia, slipped Disk, etc.

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