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After graduation, Hui Ying took a sabbatical to find the purpose of her life.

She travelled from Japan to Hong Kong to New Zealand and many other places, only to figure out that she does not have to look far and beyond to figure out her purpose in life. She has to look within and that is exactly what yoga has taught her. Yoga to her, is more than what she practices on the yoga mat, it is a way of life. That is the way she wishes to teach yoga, by sharing the different ways that one could apply yoga to their daily lives.

Besides practicing yoga, Hui Ying is also a belly dancer, a volunteer and a blogger. All these help her to understand the body structure, mind and the connection between the two better. Nowadays, she works hard in sharing what she knows freely with the community and promoting the discovery of internal peace within one self, while also acquiring and seeking out more yoga/mind-body related knowledge herself.

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