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Germaine is a yoga teacher accredited with Yoga Alliance International. She teachs private clients, groups, and corporate classes. Her own yoga journey started a decade ago, on the advisement of doctors in correcting her mild scoliosis. Even though she practised it for its obvious physical benefits, it was the mindfulness aspect of yoga that really drew her in and made her deepen and commit to the practice.

Germaine’s group classes typically ranges from 12 to 15 students. She has experience teaching at a studio, spa, gym, office, university facilities and at clients’ homes. As such, she is confident in teaching people of different backgrounds and fitness levels. The classes she has instructed ranged from Flow to Gentle to Yin yoga. She was trained in Vinyasa flow, with a basis in Iyengar and Ashtanga. This provides her the confidence to teach in many different styles, while enjoying the variety that yoga has to offer.

She aims to teach classes that are powerful, while promoting mindfulness and making things joyful. Germaine’s classes encourage a physical workout that is safe and effective as well as a mental workout that encourages discipline and self-awareness.

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