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Edrea’s first step on the mat in 2009 was simply to get some physical workout done. Little did she expect that she would one day be teaching Yoga. The stress from the “Real World” led to her regular practice, but soon, she realised how it opened up her senses and awareness, leading her to enjoy every bit of the process.

Her first teacher training was simply to know more about Yoga, and she has since left the Banking Industry, wanting to share the benefits of Yoga she experienced with others.

Edrea’s classes are always accessible to beginners, while also challenging for intermediate students. She believes that Anyone can do Yoga, and there’s always a pose out there for you.

Her teaching style is compassionate, intuitive and nonjudgmental while maintaining excellent communication with her students. She strongly believes that her experiences on and off the mat have deeply enhanced and refined her teaching style.

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