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Deepti is internationally qualified and certified after completing the Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training 200 hour course under Tirisula Yoga, Singapore. She was personally coached by Master Paalu Ramasamy and Master Satya Chong Weiling at Tirisula Yoga, one of the oldest yoga schools in Singapore.

She scored high distinctions in the course (83%) and finished in the Top 5 of the batch in Practical exam. Aside from that, she has also completed both the Kundalini Yoga module as well as the Kids Yoga module.

In fact, she is constantly advancing her yoga practice by attending “Master class” every week at Tirisula Yoga along with attending weekly meditation classes at SSMY, Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga.

Her strengths include arm balances, inversions, core and Pranayama.

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