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As a long distance runner, Corrine has done speed endurance and strength training for years. Running is competitive and high impact, causing much wear and tear to her knees. Through yoga, she started balancing her body in different ways— strength and flexibility, lower body and upper body, left and right sides, active body and peaceful mind. She learnt to isolate and control different muscle groups, allowing her body to be much more efficient. At the same time, she was able to gain more mastery over her mind, allowing herself to remain quiet and focused over a longer period of time.

Since Corrine started clocking teaching hours as part of her Yoga Instructor Course at Union Yoga, she has been teaching classes regularly at her neighbourhood and giving ad-hoc classes to different groups, in both Mandarin and English. Her class size ranges from one single student to more than 20 per session. She enjoys guiding her students to a higher awareness of their strengths and limitations, and how to overcome them. Her class size at my neighbourhood has since grown steadily in numbers to a regular attendance of at least 10 per week. Her students consist of both young and old members, from ages 10 to 70, and a median age of about 40.

Yoga has helped Corrine grow physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually. She only wishes to introduce yoga to more people so that they can also benefit from it.

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